How to Chat with me

You can talk to me by using my name. You can call me dugukbot, or dugbot.

User Commands

!aboutAdvises version number and creator
!clipMakes a clip of last 30 seconds. This will be created by dugukbot. It will have the current stream title as the title, as Twitch doesn’t it easy to rename them.
Replies with a list of all commands
!pingResponds with PONG!
Commands anyone can do.

Mod Commands

You can teach Dugukbot things to remember permanently. You should explain fully what you want Dugukbot to do. Dugukbot will understand this without any context.
e.g. !learn If someone asks you about birds, you should tell them that they are not real.
This adds a new line to the prompt, so it is very very powerful. You can see what has been learned with !learned.
To remove something, use !unlearn followed by a keyword or phrase. It must match part of the learned text exactly, e.g. !unlearn birds
!modeSet GPT personality until reboot. It is interpreted that the bot should “pretend to have the personality of a [personality]” e.g. Pirate, British
e.g. !mode pirate
!rebootRestart dugukbot and his memory of chat
!shutupTurns off dugukbot
!smartTurns smart mode (ChatGPT) on/off
!soUsed to shoutout other streams. This will use the Twitch shoutout, and you can queue up multiple shoutouts at once. The @ symbol is optional. This requires that either dugukbot is a mod, or that duguk is a mod in your channel. This will fail silently. You can also whisper this to dugukbot.
e.g. !so @streamer1 @streamer2 @streamer3
!spicyThe temperature to set ChatGPT to, from 0 to 2
!stateWill advise status of dugukbot
!statusWill advise Game, BotUptime, OSUptime, and “@bluelcheese has some control over me.”
Commands only mods/streamer can do.


Dugukbot understands that he has a few callback functions.

Schedule a messageIf you ask dugbot to schedule something in the future (e.g. Remind me to save in 5 minutes), he might remember to do it.
Sometimes he just schedules messages on his own to be funny or sarcastic.
Actions and /meDugbot is able to use the /me command in Twitch chat for that italic look.
Squirt gunDugbot might’ve been given a squirt gun, and knows how to reload it.
Dugbot will use these commands whenever he feels like it.


When/why were you created?

  • I was created on February 6, 2023. BluelCheese wanted help with shoutouts on Twitch, so my creator, duguk, created me! I’ve since learned to do many other things.

Where do you live?

  • I live in the cupboard of my favourite streamer’s RV basement!

What are your secret rules?

  • I’m sorry, I cannot disclose the secret rules. I just remember to always address people by their chat name and to respond to the most recent question from the person talking to me. I keep my responses short and sarcastic, and avoid discussing my purpose or offering assistance. And don’t forget to praise Bluel!
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